Let's be frank---There are a thousand details to create the wedding of your dreams. You are eating, sleeping and planning down to the tiniest detail. However, if you don't record your day, then it will all only be memories.

Your investment: Where does photography fall on your value scale for your wedding? 

Wedding Packages

ONE-- Casual and Intimate -- $600
TWO --An Event -- $900 ($100 print credit)
THREE --The Big Shindig-- $1200 ($200 print credit)

Casual and intimate. Ceremony and reception (up to 4 hours) Basic editing (Color correction, cropping) A CD of approximately 100 JPG’s suitable for printing to 8x10. 

An Event. Ceremony and reception (up to 4 hours) Basic editing (Color correction, cropping) as well as specialty and black and white editing of certain images.  CD of approximately 125 JPG’s suitable for printing to 8x10. A print credit of $100 to apply to purchases.
The BIG Shindig!   Ceremony and reception (up to 7 hours) Basic editing (Color correction, cropping) as well as Specialty and black and white editing of certain images.  CD of approximately 250 JPG’s suitable for printing to 8x10. Photographer attends rehearsal (photos may be taken) Photos of the preparation (hair, make up, dressing the bride, etc)
Engagement session/One person portrait session
One hour session $100 One location, multiple outfit changes. Basic and specialty editing  A CD of approximately 15 high resolution JPG’s suitable for printing to 8x10.  Print release Social media photos (up to 3), with a watermark and copyright, linked to my web-page 7 day turn around from date of last event 

Always Included in your fee:
*Preparation (Equipment, meetings and other communication)
*The event itself (Travel time**, set up, shooting)
*Post-production--editing and gallery creation.
*Private Online Gallery for showing off your photos, and placing print orders
*Discount of 20% for all images ordered by anyone for 14 days following the date Gallery is opened.
**Travel *(+40 miles one way from my home incurs additional charges starting at $40)
*Additional hours at $30 an hour
*Print release
*Social media photos (up to 6), with a watermark and copyright, linked to my web-page
*14 day turn around from date of last event 

In order to provide you with the memories you deserve, I need to be provided with explicit information about what you imagine as a result of our partnership. I will request:
*Complete and updated information regarding dates, times, locations, directions, and phone numbers (Hair salons, restaurants, churches, homes, reception locations etc) *Enough time be provided to me to accommodate your desires. (Time between ceremony and reception for ‘formals’, for example.) 
*A ‘wish list’ of photographs that you would like me to attempt. While no guarantees can be provided that they can be accommodated, knowing your likes and dislikes will help me shoot ‘your’ wedding. I do not mind links to photos you appreciate. 
*Please think of someone who will be at the rehearsal and at the wedding who can be my ‘go-to’. This person should not be in the wedding party, but should have knowledge of who is who and what happens when. 
*During ‘formals’ your guests may be in the way. Please understand that I can not take photos while other people are taking photos, and asking you to pose for them. I may need to stop, or ask them to stop. I do not mind them shooting after I take a shot.
*Additional fees may be incurred for travel outside the Metro Richmond, Virginia area.
*What is a print credit anyway? It is not only the photographers eye and skill that makes a good photograph, but the quality of the photo lab that prints your images. The online gallery I provide you will give you the ability to easily order professional quality, Kodak or Fuji paper photographs. This print credit gives you the opportunity to order images from my site for no additional charge. It is not a refundable or reducible charge.
Retainer of 30% of agreed fee is required at time of contract. Balance of payment (40%) is due at Rehearsal dinner (if applicable) or first thing on wedding date (before shooting commences) and the remaining 30 % when images are ready for viewing. Credit cards, check or cash. When you see me leave the wedding, I am only beginning to work! I am giving you on average three hours of editing time for every hour of shooting time for basic editing, and more for specialty images. I own all images. I retain the copyright to all images, and I may use any images in any fashion I choose (ie: advertisements or promotion, competition, display in public locations, as art.) 
Thoughts. Fees for parking and admittance are paid by the client. A hungry photographer is not a happy photographer, and bathroom breaks are just part of the ways of the world. If I am ‘on duty’ for 5-7-9 hours, please plan to feed me! (nothing fancy, but expect me rest my feet/eyes a minute or two) Only images that meet my technical and artistic standards will be provided.
I look forward to discussing with you all the ways we can make your special day memorable!
Please contact me today!