(Johann) Martin Keppler and grandchildren. Dates of birth of the 6 CLARK children are Edward Joseph Clark 4-24-1903 (dark hat)<br />
Muriel Cecile Clark 3-11-1905 (dark coat)<br />
Austin Guyon Clark 3-8-1907 (boy in middle)<br />
Ethel Elaine Clark 5-18-1908 (girl in front)<br />
Norbert Francis Clark 11-30-10<br />
Frances Gwendolyn Clark 1912<br />
Ursula Marie Clark 8-17-1916<br />
There are no names on this photo; this is my best guess based on age. Martin Keppler died in 1915.

Photographic imagery by Trish Casey-Green

Restoration of Photos

Your memories don't need to fade away!

As an amateur genealogist, I truly appreciate the value of the photographs of your past.

I would be honored to restore your delicate, faded memories!

Your valuable original will not be damaged; it will be returned to you unaltered, along with your digital files.

• Digital files will be provided to you to order as many prints as you like.

• A password protected, on-line gallery complete with shopping cart access to a professional photo lab with your images will be sent to you upon completion; normally within 7 days.

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• $40 per hour with a 1/2 hour minimum. (Expect a minimum of 30 minutes to set-up, scan and lightly retouch an image—from there, it depends on what work is required and what condition the original is in.)

• As every image is unique, pricing is difficult to provide without seeing your art

• I will NOT copy Copyrighted images- I reserve the right of refusal. (Speak with me about solutions.)

Things I can fix:

• Cracks, tears, stains, spots        • Fading and color shift       • Water damage

• Return natural skin tones         • Remove off-color cast        •Bring image back to it's WOW!       • Enhance faint image       • Contrast adjustments        • Simple dust and scratch removal        • Sharpening/Cropping        • Deep scratch marks          

• Multiple paper wrinkles        • Moderate specks of mold damage        • Small areas missing

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