GODEY'S Ladys Book - rteest42

Photographic imagery by Trish Casey-Green

FOR DIGITAL CUSTOMERS:  These digital downloads are crisp and clean; when printed 100% to scale, they are approximately 9.5 x 6 inches. Because of the size of the file, you will be able to print at to at least 11x14 with no loss of quality, or you may choose to print out just portions.  THE PHOTO YOU SEE ON THIS PAGE HAS A WATERMARK. THE DIGITAL FILE YOU RECEIVE WILL BE A HI-RESOLUTION IMAGE WITH NO WATERMARK !

FOR PRINT CUSTOMERS:  CHOOSE 8x10, and at the cropping choice, CHOOSE NONE. That will give you a 100% to scale image with WHITE borders on either side.                 I recommend that you choose 8x12; your image will be larger overall but will fill the page almost perfectly.

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