Photographic imagery by Trish Casey-Green

This is a once in a lifetime session!  

Newborn Sessions: Approximately 2 hours -- $200 ($75 print credit) An on site, at your home event.

All I require from you is a relatively uncluttered area with good light, and outlets available.

Mom and Dad home, and agreeable to be in photos; Mom and Dad wearing coordinating (not clashing) outfit/tops. (Comfy, not formal.)

Do you want nudies? Consider diapering loosely a few hours before the session, so that skin isn’t marked. Do you own a space heater? A nekkid baby needs to be warm! (I can provide if required)

Are you breast feeding? Do you want photos/mind me there while nursing? A sleepy, full baby is a better baby to pose.

Newborns should not be over 10 days old, because they begin to react too much to their environment. If a session is with a baby over 10 days we may not be able to get as many good images, BUT I am more than willing to try :)

Props you may want---baskets, bows, hats, daddy’s old teddy bear.

Other children and family pets can get in on the action at the end of the session.

30 or so images, depends entirely on the cooperation of the infant. Don’t get heart set on any particular images, but let me know what is most important to you in case the baby is fussy.

Basic editing (Color correction, cropping) as well as Specialty and black and white editing of select images

A CD of approximately 30 JPG’s suitable for printing to 5x7 will be provided 90 days after the session

Social media photos (up to 6), with a watermark and copyright, linked to my web page

14 day turn around from date of last event

Travel (+40 miles one way from my home incurs an additional charge starting at $40)

PRIVATE, password protected, Online Gallery for showing off your photos, and placing print orders

A print credit of $75 at the gallery

I own all images. I retain the copyright to all images, and I may use any images in any fashion I choose (ie: advertisements or promotion, competition display in public locations as art.)

What is a print credit anyway? It is not only the photographers eye and skill that makes a good photograph, but the quality of the photo lab that prints your images. The online gallery I provide you will give you the ability to easily order professional quality, Kodak paper images. This print credit gives you the opportunity to order images from my site for no additional charge. It is not a refundable or reducible charge. Only image that meet my technical and artistic standards will be provided.

Discount of 20% for all images ordered by anyone for 14 days following the date gallery is opened

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