Photographic imagery by Trish Casey-Green

All images available as 4x8 inch flat greeting cards...packages of 20, 50 or 100 available. These are easily personalized. Select image.--- Choose BUY.--- CREATE A CARD.

Matte: The heavier option, weighing in at 110# card stock, provides a more traditional paper type for excellent photo reproduction.

Felt:  The weight is 100# card stock, this paper is listed as Ultra Bright White to really make the whites in your card pop like a snowball  

Pearl: Looking for a card with a little something extra? This 98# paper has a unique white pearlescent finish and smooth feel that will really shine merry and bright.

Also available as prints to frame! Are you ready to see the Christmas PHOTO A DAY (CPAD), version 2015? Like my FACEBOOK page! We start again on December 1!

All photographic works of art displayed in galleries at The View from The Passenger Window are available for individual purchase, (with limited exceptions.) 

SIZES OF PRINTS... I have made every effort to have the image cropped to size, (or have left plenty of room for cropping) ...If the order form offers you a chance to ‘crop’ the image to fit a print size you want, be aware that you may be cutting something important off! Pay attention, I don't want anyone losing their heads!  (I am a picture framer in my other life, so I've tried to offer images that can be framed ‘off the shelf’, although Custom Framing will really make art shine!) The cropping tool provided at the time of order is very easy to use!

QUALITY OF PRINTS... Your art will be printed by a Professional Photo Lab. All orders are printed on KODAk   photographic papers. *******Or on ROLLED canvas-- Please follow this link for further information on canvas-- --THANK YOU********** REMEMBER… monitor colors may vary!

AS THE MONETARY aspect of your transaction is between you and my photo lab at the checkout , I have no control over printing time, shipping time, or charges. (Nor do I have access to your email or credit card information :) )....I will not be receiving the images first to proof or to sign. They are shipped straight to your door. PRICING begins at $4.00

OUTSIDE THE USA... Place your order! You will have shipping options and costs shown to you before you enter a form of payment.

I THANK YOU… for choosing to bring my art into your home! Please leave comments or LIKE your favorite photos!

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