Photographic Imagery by Trish Casey-Green

Looking with eyes that SEE

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to visit... I hope I inspire you with my art!

While photography begins as a true record of an event, scene or location, nothing is static. Everything changes. I often see beauty in places that others pass by, and I enjoy manipulating the images I record to match the images in my mind. I see things that aren’t there; hear the stories that whisper to me.

After capturing ‘reality’ with my Canon (or my iPhone), I freely and cheerfully post-process using Lightroom or Photoshop until the image releases the emotion I want to evoke. It’s been there all along--it just needed me to envision it to make it so.

One of my longest running interests has been in ‘peeling paint’...the old, falling down, rusting, surviving architecture of our throwaway world… Far more interesting than watching paint dry!

These are my favorite types of images: Peeling paint, broken windows, rusty things, doorways...The things that I love to photograph...things I admire for still BEING... The broken window, cracked door frame, rusting nail…. The building beyond repair, past lovingly protecting its inhabitants…yet it stands, it still IS. If only the stories could be told. It has an honor in still being. A quiet dignity exists within its four walls. It's the transient nature of our current world that probably causes me to be fascinated by things that have withstood the test of time, defying our increasingly disposable nature... The linear qualities, the absolute light and dark, the shine and texture, the reality of the urban/cityscape...all part of humanity's forward charge....

The greatest compliment that can be paid to me is the look on my companions face at the end of a day together. "I didn't even SEE that!"

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I am a New York native, living in Central Virginia. I have had a camera in my hand since I was eleven years old. My formal photographic education began in high school when I was the photo editor of the yearbook. My passion determined my college education, and I graduated from CSI-CUNY with a BS in Art/Photography. (This was before digital was a glimmer in anyone's eye!) I look at photography as an art form. I am not merely recording life as I see it, but as I THINK it. Thanks for stopping by! Leave me message on any images that talk to you, I love to hear about how my art touches others.

(ALL photographs are MY intellectual property and may not be copied, edited, or changed without express permission from me. I retain the copyright to all images until I pass it to you in writing. Unless otherwise discussed at the time of sale, your purchase of a print gives you no further license to copy, alter or distribute. I am honored that you would like to create a quilt or a painting from my photo; however you must give attribution after gaining permission from me. PLEASE, contact me to discuss!)